mount rinjani

Rinjani Trekking

Welcome to Rinjani Excellent

We are one of the providers of trekking to Mount Rinjani. We have a great team and facilities. We have good services and facilities for Rinjani Trekking






We provide a wide range of facilities and equipment are adequate. As,

  • tents
  • Materas thick
  • sleeping bags
  • pillows
  • toilets
  • Lounge chairs

All our facilities will make you more comfortable during the ascent.

The main thing that must be considered in mountaineering rinjani is preserve and natural beauty during mountain climbing Rinjani. It is indispensable for the survival of nature and the environment.
In this case, our team will guide you to keep it all. So it will be established a good relationship with nature for trekking.
It’s also a race of our gratitude to God who has given the gift of the beauty of Mount Rinjani for our survival.
With the spirit of love nature and preserve it, we also have participated in preserving nature for the future and our children. And most importantly, we must always remember the motto climber is “Bring your trash, leave only footprints” and we are very glad for your visit has joined our firm to climb mont rinjani.

We are a collection or set of guides and the porters experienced quite  along tim or decades in the mountain rinjani , and the only tour guide or trekking organizer of the tradisional village senaru  , we will provide wide range of facilities and equipment such as tents , materas thick , sleeping bag , pillow ,toilet tent ,trekking chairs , cookwere and more ,during mountain rinjani . because among all the visitors , they are different tastes , and how to bring the best traveler or guide for the journey up the mountain rinjani. And most major businesses that need to be done for the preservation of nature during a hike mountain rinjani , all of our team taking care of the environment around us for all of the sourceof life for us , all this also has the potential interrelated life support. mount rinjani  is the grace of god almighty one to humas , should we care for and preserve it for your children and grandchildren and future genertions .