We are specialized on organizing private and group trekking, hiking, climbing and adventure tours in Rinjani mountain specially the crater rim, lake, summit trek and many other trekking packages in Rinjani National Park.

Rinjani Excellent is a government authorized trekking agency run by professional and expert guide group having experience of over a decade in tourism business. All of our trekking, tours lead by highly skilled and government license guides who are trained in first aid, mountaineering skills, environmental knowledge and all related matters.

Rinjani Excellent Trekking Company probably one of the few adventure Trekking Companies offering best and quality services to our interested guests and travelers.

Start Sembalun – Private Trekking Rinjani package

Climbing to the mountain through the Sembalun is easier because it’s located at 1.150m above sea level while Senaru has an altitude 601m above sea level. Trekking usually takes place and starts at Pelawangan Sembalun and on the second day tour moving to the summit then down to the lake of Segara Anak, hot spring water and trekking to Plawangan Senaru for camping and on the next day, descend to Senaru.

top rinjani


Climb Mount Rinjani Summit 2 days 1 night start from Sembalun to the Plawangan Sembalun, next day to summit 3726m and back to Sembalun.

trek sembalun


Rinjani Trek 3 days 2 nights Summit and Segara Anak Lake start from Sembalun to the Plawangan Sembalun, summit Rinjani, Lake and down to Senaru.

hot spring


Mt Rinjani hiking 4 days Summit and lake start from Sembalun to Plawangan Sembalun, summit of Lombok volcano, Lake, Senaru rim and down to Senaru.


Start Senaru – Private Package Rinjani Hiking

The trip to Mt Rinjani through Senaru is more challenging because the campers will start trekking from 601m above sea level, towards Plawangan 2,641m all through the night, then on the second day, it will involve climbing down to the lake which is 2,000m and then climbing to Plawangan Sembalun 2,639m. On the next day, the trekker will climb to the summit and down to Sembalun.

rinjani volcano


Trekking Rinjani for 2 days and 1 night will start from Senaru to the Plawangan Senaru. Tourists will camp here, and on the next day, they will move back to Senaru.



Rinjani hiking package and tour to the rim Senaru and Segara Anak Lake for 3 days and 2 nights will start from Senaru to the rim, Segara Anak Lake and back to Senaru.



Trekking Mount Rinjani to the top of Lombok island 4 days and 3 nights will start from Senaru to the Plawangan Senaru, Lake, summit and finish at Sembalun village.


Group Packages Hiking Rinjani Mountain

Group package to climb Rinjani in Lombok with other trekker at a fair price, same service as Private or Standard package with a maximum of 6 participants in each group. Offers for trekking program include: 2 days – 1 night to rim (Plawangan) Senaru and 3 days – 2 nights trekking summit and lake will start via Sembalun.

rim senaru


Trekking to Crater Rim Senaru 2 days 1 night Group package, start via Senaru village to Crater Rim and the 2nd day back to the Senaru village. This program is the famous trekking package to Rinjani and suitable for beginner trekkers.



Trekking Rinjani 3 days 2 nights to Summit and lake Group package, the special trekking package we design to you who love join with other people from different country and culture together in our group to climb Rinjani.


Our Client Words!

The Rinjani Trekking reviews from many of our happy clients

Great Experience

We had an outstanding experience trekking with Rinjani Excellent. Not only the service provided but the people working for the agency made the difference and our experience very grateful. Would recommend them to anyone thinking of going to Mount Rinjani!

Porotita / Barcelona

Super trek de 3 jours

Nous avons passé un super moment avec notre guide Mida . Les paysages sont magnifiques et tout est très bien fait . Le soir , nos tentes étaient déjà préparées et les repas étaient très bons .
Je recommande sans hésitation cette activité !

Sibylle C / France

It was a great trip !! lets say excelent

Suti and hus team were great , i will di it directly agin, we ended today and it was great.
our gide and the porters did a faboulus job enough food driking en service ! thaks you all for the experience ! ps it is a hard trip but keep the spirit up helps a lot !!

K D / Belgium

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Useful Information to know before come to climb Rinjani mountain

Mount Rinjani Trek FAQ’S

The most FAQ by trekkers who want to climb mount Rinjani Lombok

When is the best trekking season for Mount Rinjani?

Any time throughout the dry months from April to December. The mountain is closed for hiking throughout the rainy season from January to March. At rainy the season, we provide Senaru Panorama Walk, Gili Kondo island camping – snorkeling and hiking Pergasingan Hill Sembalun.

What is the difficulty level of the trek?

Climbing Rinjani is tough, but anyone in reasonable shape should be able to manage. Porters will be provided throughout the climb but you are expected to carry your own personal daypack of less than 8 kilograms. Normal trekking throughout except for some scrambling towards the summit. No rock climbing or technical climbing skills are needed. Summit sunrise climb is entirely optional, climbers who would like to conserve their energy instead could choose to have a longer rest and wait for their teammates at the crater rim.

How long does it take to climb Rinjani?

The typical route which covers the crater rims, summit and lake takes 3D-2N to cover. The trekking durations are: Day 01 ~ 7 hrs; Day 02 ~ 12 hrs; Day 03 ~ 6 hrs. (Timings are estimated and depends on the trip package and individual trekker’s physical stamina and conditions)

When is the summit day and how is it like?

The summit day is on Day 02 of the trek. You will wake up around 2.30 am for the summit climb. It takes about 3 hrs to reach the summit (for sunrise if you can reach on time) and another 1,5 hours to descend back to the camp site.

Do the guide and porters speaks English?

Our guides are conversant in English but most porters can only understand simple English.

What is the accommodation like on the Rinjani climb?

You will be sleep in hotel provided on your arrival day and on the mountain camping in a tent with sleeping bag and sleeping mat provided.

Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek?

You can deposit them at the our office in Senaru before the trek then after the trek, the driver will drive you back to our office to collect back your luggage before your onward journey.

Is travel insurance provided in the package?

Travel insurance is included in the package price.

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