9 Reasons Rinjani Worth bears the predicate UNESCO Global Geopark


RinjaniExcellent.com | According to schedule, today, Tuesday (17/5) afternoon, two assessors (assessor) of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) set foot in Lombok International Airport. Both are Maurizio Berlando, from Italy and Soo Jae Lee of Korea.

Besides the two expert’s environment and tourism, Rinjani also will the coming of two observers from Malaysia. Namely, Prof Ibrahim Kommo and DR Nurhayati.
Both of these assessors assess the feasibility Rinjani National Park became a UNESCO Global Geopark. Meanwhile, two observers will conduct the evaluation and strengthening of Rinjani towards the UGC.

If Rinjani is considered to have the concept of development of the area who have the management, the Rinjani will be a third world park in Indonesia. After Mount Batur and Mount Sewu.

Today, the UGC has 61 members in Europe, 31 in Asia, six in Japan, and one in Italy. In Asia, one in Korea, and God willing will be three in Indonesia. The rest, mostly in China which recorded the world geopark most.

Rinjani National Geopark effort has been made since 2008. However, due to many reasons, mainly political reasons, the new 2016 Rinjani this could seriously proposed as UGG. Based on the release of the UNESCO site some time ago, Geopark Rinjani, Lombok has been officially listed as one of UNESCO applicant GGN geopark in 2016 along with 18 others from 13 countries.

This year, Indonesia was represented only Geopark Rinjani. While Geopark Merangin, Jambi and Geopark Lake Toba had to wait two years after the rejection (rejected) the second geopark UNESCO Global Geopark at the hearing which took place in Tokyo – Japan, 2015 लालू.

Here is the list of applicant becomes member of UNESCO Global Geopark in 2016:

Arkan Geopark, PRC.
Zigong Geopark, PRC.
Geopark Tungurahua, Ecuador.
Trollfjell Geopark, Norway.
Geopark Saga, Iceland.
Geopark Rinjani – Lombok, Indonesia.
Geopark Les Causses du Quercy, France.
Qeshm Geopark, the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Geopark Mourne Cooley Gullion, Ireland.
Geopark Mixteca Alta, Mexico.
Lochaber Geopark, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
Leiqiong Geopark, PRC.
Geopark Las Lores, Spain.
Keketuohai Geopark, PRC.
Geopark Iron Mountains, the Chechen Republic.
Geopark Conea-Montsec de Tremp, Spain.
Geopark Comarca Minera, Mexico.
Geopark Cheongsong, South Korea.
Geopark Black Country, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Well, now is a great opportunity for Rinjani to be recognized worldwide. The arrival of a team of assessors (assessor) of UNESCO should be an opportunity to be used as best as possible.

At the very least, to prepare everything for taking sympathy and impression of the assessors UNESCO.

Furthermore, the fate of Rinjani will be announced in a beauty contest garden world, UNESCO Global Geopark, September 2016, London –

Here are nine reasons Rinjani worthy of the title of UNESCO Global Geopark.

Rinjani be the main source of life of Lombok. Be it oxygen, mineral, until the water sourced from the life of the Lombok Rinjani.
Thousands of people of Lombok, especially communities around the slopes of Mount Rinjani livelihood of mountain tourism sector.
Size of Mount Rinjani National Park area of 2,800 square kilometers is one of the lungs of the world’s oxygen contributor.
The concept and management in the management of mountain-based eco-tourism in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park has long run. Starting from NZODA era, NZAID, RTMB, to be managed BTNGR.
Commitment of the people of Lombok, particularly among nature lovers, environmentalists, and indigenous stakeholders in conserving the environment TNGR already very tested. Evidenced by the many mountain clean-up events in the region during this Rinjani.

The diversity of flora, fauna, and the beauty of Mount Rinjani must already be a shared responsibility.
Because Rinjani is a mountain of dreams and most visited climbers the world.
And because Rinjani already won many international awards. Two of the awards are very prestigious world class. Namely, Legacy A Ward and Tourism for Tomorrow.

Because we and citizens of the world shall inherit Rinjani good, sustainable, and preserved for posterity.

Hopefully, this year Mount Rinjani National Park will grab the title as one of the world’s prettiest parks. (*)

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