Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is usually done 2 days or more, of course you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days.

We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the hiking Mount Rinjani, ranging from accommodation in Senaru village and equipment for camping on the mountain Rinjani.

1. VIP Package

Hotel provide at:
Rinjani Lodge

rinjani lodge

2. Deluxe Package

Hotel provide at :
1. Rinjani Light House

2. Sinar Rinjani Cottage

3. Pondok Guru Bakti

3. Group or Sharing Package

Hotel Provide at :
1. Bukit senaru
2. Rinjani Sunset hostel
3. Ila home stay

4. Camping Tent On Rinjani