The Extraordinary Beauty of Mount Rinjani

rinjani volcano

How to go to rinjani trekking from Malaysia into question for the tourists who come from Malaysia. From Malaysia, you can get on a plane and get off at Lombok Airport. After that, you can go hiking path on Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. A mountain that has Segara Anak Lake is able to attract local and foreign tourists. This mountain has an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level. This mountain is the highest volcanic mountain after Mount Kerinci in Indonesia.

Climbing Towards the Gates of Mount Rinjani

There are two gates that can be passed to climb to the summit of Rinjani Sembalun the village and the village of Senaru. In general, the tourists will climb through the gate Sembalun. This can be seen climbing lane on a topographic map that is written in the office of the secretariat of Mount Rinjani National Park. Last post prior to the summit is Pelawangan Sembalun. After going through the post, climbers can go directly to the top of Rinjani. If it is from the village of Senaru, the last post was Pelawangan Senaru. To get to the highest peak, from the post, you have to go down to Lake Segara Anak, then up to Pelawangan Sembalun and headed to the summit of Rinjani. Of course, very tiring when you climb out of the gate Senaru. Senaru gate normally used to track return. Travelling from Segara Anak Lake to Senaru villages could be reached within six hours compared from Sembalun village that spent around 9 hours.

Climbing Mount Rinjani

You must register at the secretariat of Mount Rinjani National Park. Visitors must write the name in the registration book and pay for tickets at Rp 5,000.00 per day for each person. Everyone will get a label mounted on backpack. The fee for rental porter is Rp 200,000.00 per day. A porter can carry a maximum load of 30kg. Hikers can rent a car for Rp 80.000,00 to shorten the trip for 30 to 45 minutes. Even the porter can shorten the trip to the post 1 by renting a vehicle. The time required from the gate to the first post ascent of approximately 3 hours. There are four posts along the way. Pos latter is heading Pelawangan. It passes through pasture. You will be a lot through the valley. Many rivers dry that you pass. Once you get to the first post, you can continue the journey by crossing the footpath to the right. Time of post 1 to pos 2 about 35 minutes. In the resting post, the tourists who hire a porter will be prepared cuisine and set up tents. When heading to the post 3 you will pass through the hill continues to climb and tiring. Next, you will arrive at the campsite Pelawangan. From this area, you can proceed to the summit semeru. When it reached the top, you can see the sunrise, edelweiss and stunning views of the clouds. Rinjani crater will be visible on the left side of the peak. You have to wait for several hours about 10 hours so that the fog that covered the top of Rinjani is lost and you can shoot the top of Rinjani perfectly. Rinjani mountain climbing experience will not be forgotten by the climbers during ascent due to the struggle paid off with outstanding natural beauty. Those are some reviews of how to go to rinjani trekking from Malaysia.

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