What should you know before hiking mount rinjani

rim Senaru

There are many people who are seeking for Rinjani trekking package. You probably one of them! Rinjani trekking activity is the main activity when you visit Mount Rinjani. Therefore, there are various interesting packages. The most common package is the 3 days 2 nights and the 5 days/ 4 nights package.

Mount Rinjani trekking package is prepared for a group of 2 to 15 people. The rinjani trekking package includes drop off  transportation and accommodation from Lombok airport to Sembalun and Sembalun Gate to Mataram or Senggigi. Additionally, the fee for the entrance to the national park of Mount Rinjani also all includes in the from package.

The Best Trekking Route for Visitors

For 3 days 2 nights package, the easiest trekking route to reach the summit of the mountain is from Sembalun gate. On the first day, the visitors start the journey from the airport to Sembalun village. On the second day, the visitors will go from Sembalun gate to the Plawangan Sembalun Crater, for this trip, the visitors need to take 7 hours. On the third day, the journey from the crater to the summit of Mount Rinjani takes 3 hours. To go back to Sembalun village, the visitors need to take 6 hours trip.

Another gate is Senaru gate; however, the route from this gate is shorter, visitors will not be able to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani. They usually only spend the night in Plawangan Senaru Crater.

The best trekking time is around April to November due to dry season. The weather is clear and safer since the road with not be slippery.

The Preparation for Trekking

There are several things that visitors need to bring during the trekking. The camera is needed to capture the moment. The journey might be challenging due to the weather, so it is highly recommended for visitors to bring light jacket. This jacket protects the visitors from the cold weather, especially at night, and also windy days.

Always put on sunscreen to protect the skin from UV lights. Sunglasses might be needed during the tracking to protect the eyes and to have better vision during the trekking. Visitors should bring wet as well as dry toilet papers, do not forget medicines and personal hygiene like tampon. A towel and a spare T-shirt should also be brought. Bring warm hat and gloves, tiger balm and spray muscles to cure muscles pain, hand torch, trekking shoes, trekking jacket, small bag, and never forget to bring your money. In the trekking package, the visitors may also get mineral water, cooking equipment, tent, sleeping bags, mattress, and toilet tent.

The Trekking Price

There are various prices of trekking. These prices depend on the numbers of the participants as well as the how many days they will spend. The price for 2 to 3 participants is $242 and for 11 to 15 participants is around $235. The more participants join the trekking package; the price will be more affordable. Overall, Rinjani trekking package offer visitors a one of the kind and unforgettable experiences.

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