Climbing Mount Rinjani in a Group Sharing


We would love to explain about how does climbing rinjani sharing packages or in a group works?

But before continuing, you may happy to see one of our program Rinjani Climbing Sharing Group 2Days 1Night.

There are a lot of climbers from different backgrounds who want to try and get experience to climb up mountain rinjani. Some of them does not care about the price they wil7l pay for the trek. But some people who are in low budget try to find out the best price of rinjani package climbing activities. Because they can pay for the program more cheaper.

Well. It sounds good that many trekking companies make a sharing program in large group be available. So the climbers still be able to do the trek in low price.

Climbing mountain rinjani in a group means that you will join another people and pay less. But you really don’t know who will be in your group join with you. When you book rinjani climbing sharing package to a company, then they will contact another companies to make sure you will have another friends that will do the trek at the same day and date you want to climbing up mountain rinjani. So it means that you are not going to know what company you really book from. It happens because the companies are not always having customers everyday to book rinjani and grouping you with them.

In summary, sharing package has advantages and weakness. The advantages of this program are that you can still climbing Rinjani mountain in low price and meeting new people while it’s weakness are that you can not decide what route you want to start to climb rinjani Sembalun or Senaru village, not free to decide what rinjani side want to climb up,  not confortable equipments during the trek, not knowing what trekking companies you follow and it may you have less foods because you pay low price.

However, a lot of climbers from all over the world are interested in choosing this package, event though in the end of their trek after done it they feel disappointed.

For more discussion about this program or if you want to book climbing rinjani mountain sharing group, feel free to contact us through email adress and phone number available in this website. We are happy to hear back from you.

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