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RinjaniExcellent.com | There are 11 parameter of the area declared worthy of the title of UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG). And all the parameters that are almost completely filled Rinjani.

Of the 11 parameters before, there are three main things to do. Namely, conservation, education, and economic improvement of local communities.
Concerning the conservation of geological sites include caves, karst, waterfalls, minerals, rocks, and landforms geology. This is part of geodiversity that have properties not renewable (unrenewable). So that future conservation efforts are needed geology (geoconservation).

In regard to education, the important values environmental preservation area of geopark must be properly socialized. One way to put it into information boards (sign board) at each site geology. Thus, environmental sustainability geopark area can be well preserved.

And most importantly, improve the economy of local communities through the development of geopark itself. By managing the region to integrate and exploit the potential of the potential of natural and cultural resources in the form of geodiversity (geoheritage), biological diversity (biodiversity) and cultural diversity (cultural diversity), will give birth to the creative economy. For example, in the form of a souvenir manufacture, transport, accommodation, arts and attractions.

Currently, the Geopark area Rinjani already identified 48 geological sites and 24 sites nongeologi. All of these sites are scattered in the part of West Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, and all North Lombok district. Sites geology of this can be found on the beach volcanoes, islands, waterfalls, the caldera, the volcanic cone, caldera lake, lava flows, caves, hot springs, overlies (rock is precipitated from pyroclastic flows), and mined land , For nongeologi sites, include sites diversity of flora and fauna, as well as cultural sites.

In the last discussion at the Museum of NTB, revealed one drawback, which is related to the installation of information boards warning. The discussion was attended by two assessors, Maurizio Burlando and Soo Jae Lee by General Manager Rinjani National Geopark Chairul Mahsul, Kadis Tamben NTB M Husni, Head of Tourism NTB, then Muhammad Faozal, Head of Forestry NTB Ir H Andi Pramaria Academics at the University of Mataram, and the whole Institution administrators Rinjani

According assesor UGG, Maurizio Burlando, the whole document and parameters that are owned Rinjani is quite complete and in accordance with the findings in the field. However, the management of risk-related information boards at each site that is insufficient. ” There should be more information at every geosite. Including whether the prohibition and warnings on each site, ” said Maurizio.

In response, Chairul Mahsul said, it will soon complete lack of it.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism NTB Then Muhammad Faozal great expectations can Rinjani UGG bearing the title this year. ” With the inclusion in the network UGG Rinjani, NTB tourism will automatically receive a free promotional and highly prestigious UNESCO. And this will be a positive impact directly to the NTB, ” he said. (*)

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