Mount Rinjani is Ready to Become World Class Tourism

rinjani volcano

Rinjani UNESCO Global Geo Park would seem to be true. Assessor team of UNESCO will assess the feasibility of Mount Rinjani in Indonesia. If the vote goes well, then Mount Rinjani as Global Geo Park will be given in September 2016 at UNESCO congress in the UK. Tourism Ministry asked all parties should be involved to work together to make Mount Rinjani on the list of Global Geo Park. If Mount Rinjani successfully set into Global Geo Park, there will be world-class tourist attractions in Lombok.

Mount Rinjani will be the main sights of halal tourism organizations that are in the Middle East. People from the Middle East particularly liked the green scenery, tropical forests, waterfalls, lakes, trees and leaves are dense. Assessor team of UNESCO will be scheduled to arrive in Lombok on May 17, 2016. There are two names that will be submitted by UNESCO to the West Nusa Tenggara namely Maurizio Burlando of Italy and Soo-Jae Lee of South Korea. Both men will be accompanied by Professor Ibrahim Koomoo and Doctoral Nurhayati an assessor of Geo Park Asia Pacific.

Rating Factors

The team will conduct an evaluation mission for three days. There are several factors that will be a component of the assessment of Gunung Rinjani. The first is biodiversity. On this factor, the assessment team will look at a variety of plants and animals in the Mount Rinjani. The second factor is geodiversity and culture diversity. These factors are adjusted to documents held by the assessment team with the reality on the ground. The Indonesian government is really trying to do everything possible to propose Mount Rinjani as Global Geo Park.

This year’s proposals only owned by Mount Rinjani so that the government is attempting desperately. Based on previous experience of the filing of two Global Geo Park was already owned by the Indonesian government was very confident that Mount Rinjani can be included in the list of Global Geo Park. There are three points to be visited by the assessment team during the three days of the vote. Assessment will begin with a brief explanation of the Secretariat Geo Park Rinjani. Then immediately followed by a field assessment.

Assessment Regional

The first point which was visited by the assessment team is Pondok Nurul Haramain related to conservation programs that are to be part of the program Geo Park Goes to School. The next area is the site of Aik Berik Geo site in Central Lombok. In these areas there are two waterfalls. That team will visit the valley Sembalun. They will observe how this natural resource management and community benefits of this tourist area.

The assessment team will look at the concept of Mount Rinjani with education, conservation and economic benefits for the welfare of people in the tourist area. In the valley Sembalun, the assessment team will look at the cultural sites of Mount Rinjani and see the activities of climbing at the climbing Rinjani. The team also will go to the north. They will go to the village of Bayan Lombok Beleq to see the diversity of cultures, see Mount Rinjani National Park and hiking trail in Senaru. The assessment team will dialogue with the community about the benefits derived from Gunung Rinjani. Each of these components will determine the ratings of Rinjani UNESCO Global Geo Park.

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