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Rinjaniexcellent.com | – the most strategic way in building the perception of tourism is to promote branding. Although classified as a positive move the tourism sector, tourism brand Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) is considered not strong. ” Tourism will become a leading sector. However, tourism NTB yet have a brand or trademark strong, ” said Dr. Hery Margono, messenger NTB Tourism Ministry in Focus Discussion Group in the Office of Tourism and Culture NTB, Tuesday (24/5).

According to Hery, branding NTB tourism sector is one of the government’s efforts to realize the target of 20 million tourist arrivals during 2016. In addition to NTB, RI Tourism Ministry is also working to branding 10 other areas in Indonesia. “Today we have a tourism marketing strategy with brand Wonderful Indonesia Indonesia. Well, NTB also must have a tourism brand. This brand will facilitate the tourists choose which area would be a vacation purpose, “explained the author of Perfect Management Insan told reporters on the sidelines of the discussion.

In essence said Hery, this event was held to absorb the aspirations and input from tourism players and stakeholders in NTB. Next, the team led by Hery will again hold discussions in the next few weeks to present the results back Related uptake NTB’s tourism branding efforts.

In addition to continued brand building, will be determined also a logo and tag line NTB tourism. After NTB has tourism trademark, brand it will be the stage of communication of all parties in building tourism NTB. ” The position of NTB tourism branding is to be decided. What will we be membranding Lombok – Sumbawa is based on the mountains or the coast, ” called Hery.

In this discussion, the brand of mountains and beaches most striking. Mount Rinjani Lombok Island with her and with Mount Tambora on Sumbawa Island. Or small islands (the dyke’s) around the island of Lombok and Sumbawa. At the end of the discussion, brand Rinjani and dyke are a strong candidate to be the new brand of tourism carried NTB.

According to Muhammad Zaini, an artist at the same time Cultural Park staff NTB, NTB tourism speech means speaking about Mount Rinjani and Tambora. Brand mountain for tourism NTB rated long-haired artist is more worthy of being a tourism brand Lombok – Sumbawa.

Unlike the case with the Indonesian Journalists Association Chairman of the NTB, H Sukisman. According Sukisman, before determining the brand, should be seen, a tourist attraction where the most demanding travelers. ” Is it the mountains or the beach, we have to see where our advertising goals, ” said Sukisman are more inclined to lift coastal and small islands as a tourism brand NTB.

The high interest of foreign and domestic tourists will travel the coast, particularly Gili Trawangan justified tourism stakeholders. “Tourists do not feel foreign and local holiday in Lombok if you have not set foot in Gili Trawangan,” said Farhan, one of the owners services Mataram travel journey. (*)

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