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Do you need Rinjani information for trekking? Well, you are reading the right page. If you want to climb Rinjani Mountain or to follow the trekking activity, there are several things you need to remember and prepare before and during the trip. As many people know that Rinjani is an active volcano, which rises to 3.726m above sea level. There are 20 villages surrounding this mountain. There are 3 major gates for visitors who want to join trekking. The gates are situated in different villages, for examples, Benang Stokel New Gate, Senaru Classic Gate, and Sembalun Gate. From these three gates, the easiest way to Mount Rinjani summit is by taking the Sembalun gate. It is impossible for to reach the summit if you travel from Senaru since the route is shorter and you also need to stay the night at Plawangan Senaru Crater. It takes 7 hours from Sembalun gate to Plawangan Sembalun Crater; meanwhile, the journey to Plawangan Sembalun to the Summit Mount Rinjani takes 3 and half hours. To go back to Sembalun village, the visitors need to spend around 6 hours.

The Best Time to Join Trekking

The best time for visitors to join trekking is during the dry season from April to November. The trekking area in this season is safer. However, visitors still need to bring rain coat and light jacket, if they decide to go in the early month of the particular season. Why? Usually, near the beginning of dry season, visitors will still encounter heavy rain. The paths will be slippery and the visibility will also be low. Sometimes, the weather gets very cold; for this reason, you need to bring warm clothes. (Rinjani Information)

Rinjani Informationi is also recommended for visitors to start the trekking in the morning. If visitors start at 7 am from the foot of Mount Rinjani, you will be able to see sunset in the campsite and stay the night at the crater.

Trekking for Novice

If you are not professional climbers or if you are a beginner, usually the guide will offer you short period. A 3 days 2 nights package or 5 days 4 nights package will be suitable for you. The stronger your physical condition, the longer the days. However, serious trekkers usually spend more nights at the crater and take longer route. -Rinjani Information

There are two closers of Mount Rinjani paths. These closures are prepared for the sake of ecosystem recovery, and to prevent danger like cold weather, rainy season, or even fire. The closures are the incidental and the routine. The clerk of this National Park will conduct the closures.

Generally, if you want to join trekking in Mount Rinjani, you need to be fit. You must have the ability to do long distance walk. This trekking activity is not recommended for those who suffer height phobia and mountain sickness, as well as asthma. You need to book around 2 to 3 weeks prior to your arrival. Each group should at least consist of two people or more. Rinjani Trekking Information provides you a general description about the condition of the trekking path, so you can prepare yourself physically and mentally.

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