Exploring the Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani explore can be done by passing three climbing path that Sembalun Village, Senaru Village and Village Torean. You can select one of the lines you want. Each hiking trail has a different character. As hiking trails in the village Sembalun, the course is flat and suitable for the climbers. The path is filled with savanna and heat of the sun makes climbing lane is very different from a hiking trail in Java. You will find a landscape of green valley when heading Pelawangan. In this hiking path, you can also enjoy views of the Alas Strait and Sumbawa was amazing. Hiking path through the village of Senaru has a track which is steep and climbing paths are paths suitable for climbers who want another sensation when climbing. Tired that you feel will be paid off with the scenery and the freshness of the water in Lake Segara Anak very famous. The climbers can stay at the lake or continue the journey to the summit of Rinjani Mountain through Sembalun Pelawangan which takes about 4 hours with the terrain too steep. The third line is the path Torean. This path is not so well known compared to the other lines. Padalah this path offers a view that cannot be found in other lines the natural hot springs that can refresh your body. You will see valleys, dense forests, cliffs, waterfalls, and streams, fields of corn, cocoa fields and hot springs flowing in the cave.

Pelawangan Mount Rinjani

This place is definitely passable by hikers before heading to the summit of Rinjani. This place is located on the slopes of Lake Segara Anak. The place is always crowded when the late afternoon as the climbers wanted to see the sunset and the rest in this place. You can rest while enjoying the beauty of Lake Segara Anak outstanding. Sunset scenery in this place should not be underestimated. This scene makes the climbers wanted to rest before continuing the climb. In this place there is also plenty of clean water. The climbers who will perform Summit Attack usually leave food and tents in this place. But all the tents were left behind to be locked and sealed tightly so that wild monkeys do not damage your tent.

The Peak of Mount Rinjani

Each climbers heading to Mount Rinjani will want to reach the peak. The climb to the summit of Rinjani is not only preferred by local tourists but also foreign tourists. Usually the mass ascent occurred in July and August. There Summit Attack aiming to climb at one or two in the morning so that the climbers could see a very beautiful sunrise from the peak heights of Rinjani Mountain. The time required to reach the top of Pelawangan Sembalun about 3-5 hours. Climbers who want to the summit of Rinjani must walk beside the thin lip of the crater with a simple security facility. Stone, dry soil and coarse sand is a natural thing we encountered at the top of this mountain.

Segara Anak Lake

Another place you should explore when in Rinjani Mountain is Segara Anak Lake. The lake is shaped like a crescent moon. You can relax and open up the tent, soaking in the pool and fishing in the lake before continuing the journey to the top. Another place that can be visited is Manik Cave and others cave to be part of Rinjani explore.

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