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What should you know before hiking mount rinjani

rim Senaru

There are many people who are seeking for Rinjani trekking package. You probably one of them! Rinjani trekking activity is the main activity when you visit Mount Rinjani. Therefore, there are various interesting packages. The most common package is the 3 days 2 nights and the 5 days/ 4 nights package. Mount Rinjani trekking package […]

Rinjani Information to the Visitors

rinjani volcano

Do you need Rinjani information for trekking? Well, you are reading the right page. If you want to climb Rinjani Mountain or to follow the trekking activity, there are several things you need to remember and prepare before and during the trip. As many people know that Rinjani is an active volcano, which rises to […]

The Best Rinjani Package for Visitors


Are you looking for the best Rinjani package for your whole family or friends? Rinjani is an active volcano which is situated in West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Indonesia. This mountain rises to 3.726m above sea level. It is also famous since it is a national park and it is filled with unique animals like tailor […]

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