The Best Rinjani Package for Visitors


Are you looking for the best Rinjani package for your whole family or friends? Rinjani is an active volcano which is situated in West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Indonesia. This mountain rises to 3.726m above sea level. It is also famous since it is a national park and it is filled with unique animals like tailor birds, green hanging parrots, cockatoos, long tailed grey macaque, weavers, honeyeaters, also ebony leaf monkey, and so forth.

Mount Rinjani offers beautiful scenery of Segara Anak Lake or Child of the Sea. This is a Crater Lake, which is raised 2000m above the level of the sea. Segara Anak is around 200m deep and there is also caldera with its hot springs. Visitors are able to witness and enjoy all these view if they join tourism packages. There are many kinds of Rinjani package for visitors. These packages mainly offer trekking and camping.  So, what are they?

The Package for Visitors

Usually the visitors, especially the beginners, will be offered a 3 days 2 nights package. This package includes the accommodation and transportation from Lombok Airport to Sembalun Lawang Village on the first day. On the second day, the visitors will spend a night at Crater Rim of Plawangan Sembalun. On the third day, from the Crater the journey will be continued to Summit Mount Rinjani and then go back to the village. This package also includes one night at the hotel, porter, guide, tent, sleeping bag, and mattress.  All visitors will get mineral water, toilet tent, cooking equipment, and also trekking activity.

However, this package does not include tips for tour guide and porter, insurance, all personal costs, hand torch, trekking shoes, trekking jacket, small bag, and airplane ticket.

The price for the whole package is various, and it depends on the number of the participants. For 2 to 3 or 4 to 6 participants, the prices are $242 and $239. Meanwhile, for 7 to 10 or 11 to 15 participants, the prices are $237 and $235. In other words, the more participants join the tour, the more affordable the price will be.

What You Should Bring for the Trekking Package?

The main activity in Rinjani package is trekking; for this reason, visitors should bring some things. Camera is one of the things that you should never forget to bring to capture the moments. You also need light jacket since the trekking are is quite challenging light jacket will not burden you. Plus, light jacket will also cover you from the cold. Remember to sunscreen and sun glasses as well. Wet and Dry toilet paper, medicines, flashlight, personal hygiene, towel, spare T-shirt, warm hat, gloves, balm or spray muscle, and of course money.

Generally, the package is available in many different options, but the best package is 3 day and 2 nights. Visitors should book the package around 2 to 3 week prior to the arrival. Lastly, Rinjani package is for a group of people, for example from 2 to 15 people at the same time, so, make sure you come with your family and friends.

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